All Sunbrella fabric is not the same price nor the same concerning moisture, mildew resistance and maintenance requirements– it’s usually a good idea to discuss fabric selection with us– call (909) 758-6179

With 450 Sunbrella fabrics available…some folks feel like a kid in a candy store– but end up with some gorgeous WRONG cushions when climate and maintenance requirements are considered.

Moreover all fabrics are not available to residential customers. Before you "fall in love" with a fabric, check with us to confirm price and availability. 

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To navigate the sunbrella site, select: OUTDOOR UPHOLSTERY, use filters COLLECTION:

Do Not consider European Collection, Sunbrella Partners, Stripes in Fusion Collection, Marine Upholstery, Sling or Terry. Only select from Dimension, Elements, Makers & Pure Collections. All Fusion fabrics are expensive. Send us a list of fabrics under consideration for pricing.

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